The Saint Makers Atelier

Sometimes, when I go away, staying very still

I know, if I remember If I open all those doors, I wont be able to stay here. Ambition, vanity, they are all keeping me from home And the Archetype. … Continue reading

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Mushroom Clouds

On my way to work, I imagine stomping on somebody’s head. My mouth waters. On a sunny day I dream of mushroom clouds, mushroom clouds. I read the books I … Continue reading

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Live Below the Line

There was this makeshift.. wagon, you could call it. It stood no higher than my waist and was about six feet long at most. It was down the street, just … Continue reading

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A Family Tree

I still remember the prayer I recited as a little girl before bed. I prayed for daddy to stop drinking, and for my brother and sister to study hard. In … Continue reading

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I Sincerely Wish…

May the things that go bump in the nighttake you to a better place. Creature of the Night: Cassian of Imola

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The Lucky Cat Sisters

Inspired by 70’s manga and anime. The Lucky Cat Sisters Wink and Purr. These twin porcelain ball joint dolls in jumpsuits are sexy versions of maneki nekos – those lucky, … Continue reading

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The World

I remember seeing Courbet’s The Origin of the World from a book I stole from the campus library while I was in highschool. I loved the painting’s cheekiness and its … Continue reading

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The Dream of David Rabbit

All we are is what we believe This is The Dream of David Rabbit. For quite some time now I’ve been thinking on how to make his dream come true. … Continue reading

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Tiger, Tiger

“Where is the power that made your pride? Brother, it ebbs from my flank and side” – The Jungle Book Would I turn into a pillar of salt if I … Continue reading

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Fast Car

If five people took Mitch Albom to heaven, five people took me to hell. They were dressed in plain, contemporary fashion. They were all of different races. They were all … Continue reading

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